What a pisser! How to … lose few grand in a few seconds

Couple of days back, one of the brightest NBA stars Anothony Davis almost broke his bones stepping on the mop which was standing just behind the basket. Fortunately it ended up with him doing almost a split, but hearts of couch and Pelicans’ fans must have stopped for a second or two. 

In NBA history there were a lot of such cases, one could laugh or on the contrary, get scared, knowing how much jack it will cost a single player. I will try to remind you a few examples of players’ injuries, which didn’t take place directly on court:

  • Once Enes Kanter, while he was still playing in Thunder, was so frustrated with his performance during the game that he’s decided to knock out the chair standing on his way to the bench. Unfortunately, this act has costed him a dozen of missed games due to his forearm fracture. 
  • Brad Miller, ex player of Pacers and Kings almost cut his finger while helping with dishwashing. 

  • Great Kobe Bryant missed few games back in the time when he was suffering from back injury, which occurred to him while vacuuming his own house.

  • Kevin Love, while playing for Minnesota just got back from his elbow injury, and then broke his arm doing push ups on his fists, due to which he has missed a great amount of season.

  • Ex Lakers center, Andrew Bynum, during rehabilitation of his knee, has decided to go bowling with his friends, which caused his deepening the injury for many weeks.

  • Carlos Boozer, who was best remembered for playing in Jazz, broke his arm after tripping over his bag on gym, which cost him 8 weeks break.

  • Blake Griffin has ended his part in a season 2 years ago, because he has decided to „kill” one of the equipment staff from Clippers, breaking his arm on the face of mentioned! 

  • Greg Oden from Blazers, ex number one of a draft, has ended his career because of knee injury. Once he had gotten injured while he was standing up from his own sofa and it cost him missing whole season.

  • Sir Charles Barkley once missed opening game of the season, as he had overdosed the body balm (which he had had put on his face before Clapton concert) and this action caused burning his eye corners. 

  • Derrick Rose, who also continuously fights which his knees injuries had also a funny accident. After eating in his own bed, he has decided to go grab a bottle of water. When going back to bed he laid down on the knife, he had left there, and hurt his shoulder. 

The list of such „silly” injuries is very long. I also remember something about Amare Stoudemire hitting the glass, or problematic shaving of Arenas, but I do not recall the details.

Although it’s not polite to look into ones’ pockets, I have decided to make a fun of it today. The money some of these players lost because of this weird accidents is the amount we wouldn’t earn in our lives.